Your 6-Week Training Plan – Women’s Running


The key to a life-long enjoyment of running is to start out gradually. Here’s how to safely build to 30 minutes of continuous running.

So you want to run? Congratulations on making a commitment to trying an activity that is as challenging as it is fulfilling. It takes courage to begin and a lot of patience to learn how to start running, but if you are consistent in the gradual buildup of minutes you run at one time, you’ll see improvement and enjoyment accumulate, too. 

This six-week plan assumes that a new runner already walks briskly for at least 30 minutes four to six times per week. If you feel challenged at any point and not comfortable moving on to the next week’s (or day’s) progression, simply repeat the workouts from the previous day or week until you’re ready to move on.

[Looking for more advice about how to start running? Here are 10 of the most common…

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