Yoga Transformed Me After a Scoliosis Diagnosis


I was in seventh grade when I was called out of class and down to the school nurse’s office for a routine scoliosis check. When I revealed my backbone, I caught a glimpse of the nurse’s face: It portrayed a mix of shock and sympathy. I wasn’t surprised. I knew that my spine looked like San Francisco’s famous twisty-turvy Lombard Street with its snake shape, marked by a 19-degree left curve in my neck, a 23-degree right curve in my upper back, and a 35-degree left curve in my lower back.

I spent the next five years in and out of doctor’s offices getting fitted for back braces. My first one looked like a corset and was easily hidden beneath my clothes. But when my condition didn’t improve, I was forced into a full-body trap from which my only relief was a shower. It tugged at me from my head to my hips, and I hated the rigid metal…

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