Yoga and Migraines: New Study Finds Yoga an Effective Form of Migraine Treatment


Anyone who’s ever suffered from a migraine knows all too well that it’s much more than a bad headache. With a migraine attack comes a slew of debilitating symptoms, ranging from depression and anxiety to sensitivity to light and sound, temporary loss of sight, numbness and tingling, and an inability to concentrate, not to mention nausea, vomiting, extreme fatigue, and feeling like you’re being hammered in the head by an icepick.

Around 14 percent of the population experience migraines, which can be either episodic (0 to 14 headaches per month) or chronic (15 or more headaches per month), according to academic research. Many migraine sufferers would probably say they’d try just about anything to alleviate the pain of this enerving disorder. A new study published in May 2020 in the medical journal Neurology shows that yoga as a supplemental…

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