Hitting the gym is very much like going to war. You need the mentality of an iron-willed fighter to do battle against the weights. There is no backing down against the enemy (being a catabolic, bony chump), and there is no room for wimps. What you need is the proper mindset, adequate nutrition and rest, and the ultimate kick-ass pre-workout to take your physique to the next level, or keep it there. We found the answer in WTF, a stellar pre-workout from Combat Nutra.

WTF is a heart-pounding, potent combat-ready formula, designed to get boots to asses! WTF is not your everyday pre-workout – when you’re ready to kick your workout in the face, mix one full scoop into your favorite beverage and kill the day. There is ZERO CRASH and added hydration to fuel you past your enemies. We felt the tingles set in and jumpstart our body in motion, providing explosive energy with 333 mg of…

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