Why You’re Not Adding Muscle


Whether it’s for sport, the competition stage or a personal goal, many women want to add muscle to their frames but have a hard time doing so. Why? Putting on muscle starts with one’s level of testosterone, and women just don’t have that much of it! Testosterone is released in small quantities into the blood stream by the ovaries and the adrenal gland. While most men produce about 6 to 8 mg per day, an average woman only produces 0.5 mg. Other reasons women can struggle with adding muscle are ineffective training, a fast metabolism and insufficient nutrition.

Today, I am going to cover the common nutritional mistakes that individuals make when trying to gain muscle. I also share ways that you can maximize your natural testosterone levels and fuel muscle growth with smart nutrition so you can build the tight, sculpted body you desire!

#1 – You’re Not Eating…

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