Why You Shouldn’t Count Calories (And What To Do Instead)


We’ve all been on one of those diets or plans where you have to count calories and track everything you eat.

While that might work for some people as a short-term fix, that’s not realistic to maintain 365 days a year for your whole life.

Not only does counting calories not support you in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but it can also contribute to more stress, unease, confusion, and overwhelm with food.

If you’re surprised to hear that we, as Registered Dietitians, don’t recommend counting calories, keep reading to learn why we don’t believe it is supportive and how it can take you further away from your goals and lasting eating habits.

7 Reasons to Let Go of Counting Calories and Shift to Forming Balanced Eating Habits

1. Counting Calories Isn’t Practical for Daily Life

Most of the time, we’re not eating in situations where it’s possible to track…

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