Why Hill Running Makes You Faster – Women’s Running


Sure, flat ground feels easier. But you aren’t helping your running. Here’s more proof that you should be doing hill repeats.

While hill running has been a staple on the workout rotation for runners for decades, there actually hasn’t been much academic research on the training practice until relatively recently. A slew of new research over the last few years, however, has proven that, yes, hills really are worth the burn.

Improvements in VO2 Max, Heart Rate, and Race Performance 

In a 2017 study published in the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications,  a team of Ethiopian researchers investigated the effect of hill training on the performance and physiological fitness markers of competitive club-level middle and long distance runners who competed between 800m and 10,000m.

In the study, 32 athletes were divided randomly into a control group and…

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