White Bean Soup With The Best Broth Ever


The ever-versatile and nutrient-dense dried bean is getting the credit it deserves with this White Bean Soup With The Best Broth Ever.

When it comes to cooking, the versatility of legumes is nearly endless! From cold bean salads to black bean brownies, the list goes on and on. Beans are great as a side on their own, pureed into a bean dip, cooked in a soup, or mixed into your favorite veggie burger.

What you might be missing, however, is just how good beans can be when they are the star of the show. Our love of beans is endless, but we always come back to a recipe that is perfectly simple — White Bean Soup With The Best Broth Ever.

Healthy  Hack

The key to getting the absolute most out of your humble dried beans might be easier than you think. The trick to remember is, it’s not what you put in the pot, you can literally use whatever you like, or have on…

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