When Is It Time to Go See a Physical Therapist? – Women’s Running


Acute pain can usually be easily resolved by correcting a training error, while long-term pain often requires long-term care.

Is it time to go see a physical therapist? Let’s first look at how you go the injury. Many of the injuries athletes sustain fall into two categories: training errors or overuse.

Training errors commonly occur when athletes add mileage, intensity, or speed too quickly or do not allow for enough recovery time—either on a daily/weekly basis or within an overall periodization program.

Overuse injuries are those nagging but consistent pains that we put off, sometimes for years. The pain may be minimal or it may stop you in your tracks. Overuse injury is often like the constant companion—and ignored until it is too late. While many argue that overuse injuries are caused by overtraining, I look at things a bit differently. Overuse injuries are indicators…

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