What Pace Should I Run as a New Runner – Women’s Running


What do a 6-minute mile and a 12-minute mile have in common? It’s the same distance.

As a new runner, it’s intimidating to head out and start logging miles, whether you run solo or in a group. So many runners have gizmos and gadgets that keep track of their heart rate, calories, miles and pace, not to mention runners who wear the latest compression sleeves, tights or shoes. They talk about splits and intervals and thresholds. It’s confusing to know what is important. But most confusing of all is knowing how fast, or what pace, you should be running.

But there are tricks to help you find your right pace. Andrew Kastor, elite running coach, shares a few secrets to help you run at a level that is right for you and will help you develop your running abilities. Before you know it, you’ll be passing other runners.

Let breathing be a good guide of your pace


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