What Is VO2 Max And How Can It Help Your Training?


Here’s exactly what it means and how important it is.

VO2 max tests have become a great, accessible option for runners who wish to enhance their training. As runners, we use each benefit in our own way from various types of training and workouts. According to the head coach of the Fairfield Cross Country team and Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Brendan Rickert, says “having a better understanding of your VO2 max can be an essential key for taking your training to the next level.”

So what exactly is VO2 max?

First, let’s look at the term itself. “V” stands for “volume.” “O2” stands for “oxygen.” And “max,” of course, means “maximum.” Put together and given context, VO2 max refers to the maximum volume (amount) of oxygen your body can consume in a minute.

At rest, you don’t use anywhere near your V02 max. That’s because your aerobic energy…

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