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This entry was posted on 06/25/2020 by Aurelia.

Makeup expert and YouTube star Wayne Goss just revealed his favourite product for healing skin pigmentation: The Probiotic Concentrate.

While answering questions on his Instagram Live last week, Wayne said our Probiotic Concentrate is the product he’d first recommend to reduce skin pigmentation (Thanks, Wayne! We love it, too!)



After just one week of using our product, Wayne saw a noticeable improvement in his skin. Within one month, the skin spots that troubled Wayne before cleared up completely.

Today, Wayne says he still loves this concentrate after two and a half years of use and recommends it to anyone looking to brighten their skin and reduce pigmentation.

And now, this best-selling Probiotic Concentrate comes in a new 30ml size

Our signature probiotic peptides in this concentrate boost…

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