Want a Tight and Toned Butt?


So many women are not satisfied with the firmness or shape of their gluteal muscles, so if this describes you, be assured, you are not alone. The gluteals are large muscles that provide shape and structure to the buttocks, so improvements in muscle tone and shape cannot occur without calling the gluteal muscles into at least moderately intensive activity. One-legged movements that activate the major muscles of the hip are therefore a prerequisite for laying claim to gorgeous gluteals. One-legged squats are very intensive and will activate the gluteal muscles of the working leg, but this can be too intensive if you have not developed a base for your hip musculature. Thus, if you have not already invested in some serious hip training, it would be better to embark on several months of climbing stairs, machine leg presses and lunges with dumbbells for added resistance, before you…

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