Veggie Packed White Bean Chicken Chili


This Veggie Packed White Bean Chicken Chili recipe starts with a flavorful white bean chili base and then we add extra veggies to boost the nutrition of this yummy soup!

What Kind of Beans Do you Use for White Chicken Chili?

For this recipe we used Great Northern Beans. For cooking and storing great northern beans, check out our chart on this page.

With 12 grams of fiber PER CUP, Great Northern Beans keep kids  full, longer.  Great northerns also have 15 grams of protein per serving, and they are a great source of iron.You can use Great northern beans in recipes that call for Cannelini or White Navy beans.

These are some reasons we love including beans in our diet:

  • Beans are packed with nutrients. Protein, fiber, and b-vitamins. In fact, some experts recommend 1 cup of beans PER DAY!
  • Beans are inexpensive.   Dry beans can…

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