Veggie Enchiladas – Super Healthy Kids


Enchiladas are a classic dish that is super popular for dinner.  Typically the recipe involves chicken, cream of chicken soup, cheese, sauce, more cheese, white tortillas…… get the idea.  These veggie enchiladas are the healthy twist on our version of this meal Super Healthy Kids style.  You can make them open face, or rolled up like a burrito and either way you serve them they are delicious!

Veggie Enchilada with Text

We love fresh salsa, and it is great to make it yourself.  In any amount all you need is chopped tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, cilantro (which is very easy to grow yourself), some lemon or lime juice, and a little salt.  You can grow all these ingredients in your own garden quite easily.  We grew cilantro one year and it never died! That thing came back every year bigger and bigger, we finally had to pull it out by the roots it was so…

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