Try This Meditation for Body Positivity


Woman looking in the mirror


We use mirrors, scales, and sizes incorrectly, as a referendum of sorts. As if they can actually measure all of what we are. They can’t. Mirrors play funny tricks on us. Or do we play funny tricks on ourselves? Often we see things that no one else sees. When I look at myself, I can see my aging, but other people think I look the same as I did 10 years ago.

I recall my own mother’s anguish and sorrow over what she saw reflected back to her in the mirror. In her mind, she was still 26, young and thin. In the mirror, she saw constant disappointment. It broke my heart for her that this was such an unrelenting source of suffering and unhappiness. I longed for her to have a different experience of herself, her life, her aging process. I wish she’d had the tools that I’d found to cope with self-image and ease mental agitation while…

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