Train at Home With No Equipment


It can be tough to remain motivated or find creative ways to exercise when you’re stuck at home most of time, but you can get a full workout without leaving home using only a towel. These simple tips are great for both beginners and those looking to switch up their at-home workout routine, with an added bonus – there’s no equipment needed. To get you moving, the health experts at Envolve, an integrated health care solutions company, have put together ways to use a towel and limited space to easily get in a total body, strength-building workout.

1. Lateral Pulldowns. Twist your towel and grab both ends while raising it above your head. Keep your arms about shoulder-width apart, back straight and look straight ahead while slowly lowering your arms behind your head until you reach your neck. Try to touch your shoulder blades together, pausing for a second to maximize results….

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