Trail Running Ethics in the Time of Coronavirus – Women’s Running


Respect and care, for others and the environment, are called for when heading onto the trails, now more than ever.

Imagine that everyone you may encounter on the trails is immune-compromised and that you are COVID-19 positive—so that merely breathing near them could very well result in their death. Think of them as an aging relative. Similarly, think of the sprouting, fertile ground on the edges of the trail as lava or quicksand so that stepping off the path, except on a sturdy rock or log, will result in your demise.

With these scenarios as a guide, how should you be running on the trails, or should you be there at all?

Fresh air, sun and enjoying nature are vital to both physical and mental well being. As of early April, being outside, even without a mask, is still permitted everywhere in the U.S., although masks in public are being recommended. Who knows if the privilege…

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