Top 10 HIIT Workouts | FitnessRX for Women


By Joe Donnelly

I could sit here and bore you with a textbook definition of high-intensity interval training and equally boring citations of data. However, if you are anything like me you would find another training article to peruse before I finish the sentence. In short, high-intensity interval training or HIIT is a series of short bursts of maximum intensity followed by a short period of recovery. I have seen countless fitness professionals post supposed HIIT workouts when in reality it is not HIIT – it is more MIIT (moderate-intensity interval training). Yes, I made that word up. The key words here are MAXIMUM INTENSITY, a concept that seems to be foreign to even the most respected fitness professionals out there today. HIIT training IS pulling or pushing a sled at maximum intensity for eight to 10 seconds followed by a 25- to 30-second rest period. HIIT training is NOT…

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