To All the Miles We’ve Shared Together – Women’s Running


“Don’t need no hateration, holleration / In this dancerie / Let’s get it percolatin’, while you’re waiting…”

The Mary J. Blige lyrics came out slightly muffled from the speaker of the early generation iPhone. My mom held the phone between the two of us—both of us donning cheap plastic tiaras from the Claire’s in a Florida mall. We were 10 miles into the Disney Princess Half Marathon.

We’d run straight through Cinderella’s castle and watched as other runners stopped to snap photos with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald Duck. With fatigue setting in, we were bringing out the big guns—the Queen of hip hop soul.

Neither of us had trained very well for this race. It wasn’t a “thing” then, something to be added to your resume. In 2008, running a half-marathon was a superhuman feat. Telling people what we were doing inspired: “You’re going to run…

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