This is Why You Get Arch Pain When You Run – Women’s Running


Arch pain could be caused by something as simple as your running shoes, but there are other factors that could make finding a solution more complicated.

Arch pain during running is often a combination of multiple factors: Lack of arch support, impaired muscular control of the lower extremity, a dysfunctional pronation pattern, impaired neural mobility, or even soft tissue tightness and trigger points in the posterior chain (back of the body) can contribute to your symptoms.

Arch pain can be very simple to address with an over-the-counter orthotic, shoe change, or massage. The best advice when it comes to choosing a shoe is finding one that is comfortable for you. Every foot is different, and you may need more or less arch support to improve your symptoms. If you have tried all of the “quick fix” options with no results, then these options may not address the root cause of…

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