This Conscious Twerking Video Turned My COVID-19 WFH Week Around


Nearly every third post in my social feeds now is for an online yoga class or live Instagram or Facebook meditation or asana session. Yes, my feeds skew that way anyway, and I’m happy to see all of the offerings and a real virtual community and support system developing, but it can also be a little overwhelming, and hard to know what to tune in to. Then, three days ago, something came through that cut through the clutter: Sahara Rose Ketabi’s 22-minute Conscious Twerkshop—part of her daily dance posts.

At first I was simply mesmerized. She was talking about twerking as a real, legit practice for unlocking your root (muladhara) chakra—the energy center in yoga associated with connecting to the earth and feeling grounded and safe. It’s the one closest to your twerking asset. And the one we probably all need to access right now.

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