Theragun or Hypervolt? We Compare Two Percussive Therapy Devices


Percussive therapy devices are mechanical massage tools used to aid in muscle recovery by stimulating blood flow and loosening tight tissues. While there were only a handful of options a few years ago, the marketplace is now exploding with everything from high-end offerings for physical therapists to do-it-yourself options hacked together with power tools. Below, we compare one of the OGs of percussive therapy—Theragun—and a more recent entrant into the game for a muscle beatdown.

Theragun G3 | $400

Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device

Theragun G3 improves upon its predecessor, the G2, by quieting the mechanism and offering two intensity settings while still providing effective deep tissue massage. Theragun’s unique and impressive 16mm head unit stroke length provides relief to tight musculature when in its high setting and pain relief over sensitive tissues while in the lighter setting. The G3 includes…

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