The Yoga Rx for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Memory Loss



  1. The Mind-Body Connection 
  2. Manage Stress
  3. Sleep Soundly
  4. Move Your Body and Mind
  5. Eat Well
  6. Start Now

Michael Trainer’s father, John, was diagnosed with dementia in 2012, shortly after he’d finished chemotherapy for prostate cancer. “Cancer was treatable, but dementia felt like a devastating diagnosis,” Michael says. Leaving his job to spend time with his dad, Michael first traveled with him to South Africa to forge new memories. Then, staying at home with him, Michael devoured every book and study he could find on Alzheimer’s disease—desperate to help his father retain those memories for as long as possible. He considered everything: “What doctors to see, what supplements to take, how to change his diet,” Michael says.

Asana and meditation were already part of Michael’s daily routine. He had studied both, along with Ayurveda,…

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