The Workouts Every New Runner Should Know – Women’s Running


To become a runner, it’s quite simple: All you have to do is run. But if your aim is to improve as a runner—whether that means getting faster, going further, or running without injury—you’ll need to run with purpose. At the very least, runners should mix up their speed and terrain with each run to avoid falling into a rut, which can lead to plateauing performance, burnout, or injury. But to really thrive, runners should pull from an arsenal of workouts, each one designed to develop the mind and body into a strong, well-rounded runner.

Workout #1: Speed Session

Short, intense efforts interspersed with active recovery translate into an improvement in speed over longer distances, help teach your body to recover faster, and give you more than one gear for race day. Speed sessions can be done as a structured workout on a track, planned intervals within a run session on…

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