The Psychology of Rebounding After Injury or Setback – Women’s Running


In every challenging set of circumstances, there are ways—even small ones—to regain control and take action.

The degree to which an athlete recovers from injury varies, as does the ease with which they do so. Some of the differences have to do with factors like the severity of the setback. However, even athletes whose lives are irrevocably altered by injury often make what sports psychology experts call a “remarkable recovery”—coming back mentally and physically stronger, whether they are able to return to their sport in the exact same way or not.

In our book Rebound: Train Your Mind to Bounce Back Stronger From Sports Injuries, we look at exactly how these athletes are able to rise again after injuries that might cause others to crumble. The key is what happens when athletes reach critical, difficult moments in their injury process; for some, each one of those…

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