The Psychology Behind Your Long Quarantine Runs – Women’s Running


As I run up the street and take a right onto the boardwalk, I’m confronted with caution tape and a big red sign: “Due to COVID-19 precautions, the boardwalk and promenade are closed.” I double back, but I find my legs propelling me past my street—running down Ocean Avenue along the sea wall and toward the next town.

As with most of my runs since the quarantine rules were instituted, I’d headed out without a mileage or time goal for this one. And even though I feel like I could run forever, I decide to be a smart runner and not risk injury by pushing beyond six miles.

Six miles! Outside of one 10K in early March, I haven’t run more than four or five miles in months, maybe over a year. That wasn’t always the case. I have 10 marathons under my belt, including the six World Marathon Majors. In April 2017, after crossing the finish line at the Paris Marathon, that…

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