The Great Protein Revolution | FitnessRX for Women


Getting enough protein consistently throughout your day is a non-negotiable requirement if you want a lean, fit and hard body. It all boils down to what you eat, food being the fuel for your body. You’ve probably heard the line, “You are what you eat” and that’s 1,000 percent correct. The problem is getting a steady stream of clean, healthy protein when you’re always on the go. Not everyone has the time (or the culinary skills) to whip up chicken, turkey and fish pronto like a short order cook at the neighborhood diner.

Many people turn to bars for a fast protein fix, but that strategy can be problematic too. Some bars have a plethora of weird and artificial ingredients that you can’t even pronounce and you need like a hole in the head. Too many companies that churn out bars are still in the Stone Age and deliver antiquated products more geared…

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