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Are you a Fledgling Fat Fighter or a Fitness Authority? Take our Thintelligence test and see! Following is a list of fitness facts and falsehoods. Can you tell which statements are true and which ones are false?
See below for answers.


  1. Aerobics burn more calories than weight training.


  1. The elliptical trainer is the best health club machine for burning calories.


  1. Moderate walking 30 minutes a day does little to get rid of fat.


  1. Taking rapid, short baby steps is the best way to lose fat on a stair climber.


  1. Dousing your food with red pepper can help curb your appetite.


  1. Eating a salad as the first course can cut the total caloric intake of a meal.


  1. Running increases the risk of arthritis.


  1. It’s best to stretch before your warm-up exercise.


The Answers:

  1. False. Research shows that aerobics and weight training burn the same amount of…

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