Target Your Obliques With These 3 Yoga Poses


Lie on your right side with your bottom leg extended, foot flexed. Place your right elbow down on the mat, bend it to about 60 degrees, and support your head with your right palm. Ground down evenly from your elbow to your foot.

Stack your body so that your left hip and shoulder are directly above your right hip and shoulder. Lift your right waistline up and away from the floor slightly to engage your obliques. 

Using your left hand, draw your top (left) knee to your torso. Then, use your left hand to grab hold of your thigh, calf, foot, or big toe. Flex your left foot, and extend your leg up to the ceiling, so that it’s nearly perpendicular to the floor. 

As you lift your top leg, press your left sitting bone toward your right heel. This action helps activate your core muscles and stabilizes your body in the pose. Release the hold on your foot and challenge yourself to use the…

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