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Faster than a speeding treadmill. More powerful than an Olympic lift. Able to leap tall plyo boxes in a single bound. Look, over there with all the balls in the air! It’s a strong woman holding a babe…it’s SUPERMOM!

Being a Mom is a 24/7 job. And yet, most Moms have many other “full-time jobs” to attend to as well, from careers and community involvement to caring for parents and loved ones. Between taking care of everyone else, it is simply amazing how Mom can do it all while also fitting in fitness. In honor of all you amazing Supermoms out there, we have asked a few of our favorite fit Mamas to share their best advice for staying fit and raising a healthy family. We hope these tips help you! Also, please share YOUR best tips all the bottom of the page!

SUPERMOM-INS2Mother of Four, Coach & Master Esthetician, IFBB Figure Pro, FitRx Training Journal Columnist

Lead By Example. “As…

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