Strawberry Pancakes – Super Healthy Kids


A light and fluffy whole wheat pancake packed with fresh strawberries- and topped with them too! These delicious Strawberry Pancakes are the perfect special occasion breakfast.

Homemade strawberry  pancakes, fresh summer dessert with strawberries and powdered sugar on white plate

How to Make Strawberry Pancakes

We love to top our pancakes with fruit. Blueberries, bananas, peaches.. you name it. It’s the perfect way to sweeten up your breakfast with natural sugars and boost the nutritional value of this sometimes less-than-healthy breakfast option. But our very favorite fruit topping is strawberries. I decided to make my go-to pancake recipe even better by dicing up some the strawberries and adding it directly to the pancake batter. And they turned out delicious!!

I don’t think there is a substitute for fresh strawberries, but if you can’t get them, frozen strawberries would work in a pinch. Make sure to thaw and drain them…

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