Strawberry Goji Berry Rose Refresher


Staying hydrated is key! Keep it fun and interesting by switching up your water routine. Enjoy this delicious, sparkling strawberry goji rose herbal infusion as a refreshing beverage, as a mocktail, or cocktail.

Just like my herbal infusion recipes and guide, this Strawberry Goji Berry Rose Refresher is a great example of how to make hydration time, delicious and feel super fancy without tons of effort or time.

Make Hydration Fun!

Focus the in-between meal time as your “hydration time”, sipping on hot tea, water, sparkling water so you’re focusing on drinking enough water.

One of my personal favorite tips I use daily is to take a large water bottle and put 3-4 rubber bands on it, each time you drink the full water bottle, take off a rubber band and repeat until all rubber bands are off the bottle. Each rubber band could represent 1 cup of water or 2…

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