Spin to Burn More Fat and Calories


There are people who love spin, and there are people who despise spin; there is nobody in between. There are rumors and misconceptions about spinning, also known as indoor cycling, like, “It’ll make my legs big,” or “It’s only for the outdoor rider.” Let’s put a new “spin” on the subject. We’d like to give you some solid information as to why you should try spinning at least three times before you dismiss it as an effective workout, and five reasons why you need it in your life.

Third Time’s the Charm

If you’ve ever walked into a spin class in a gym or even a studio, you might have been a bit intimidated by the experience. Usually everyone looks like they’ve been riding in the Tour de France since they were 6, or the instructor is wearing an intense getup like a sweatband and leg warmers. Yes, some spin classes are like that. That’s why so many people…

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