Speed Workouts You Can Do Anywhere – Women’s Running


These days, you may not be able (or want) to go to a track for a workout. But you still want to do some speed work in this age of social distancing. We’ve got you covered with four coach-recommended speed workouts you can do anywhere.

Not only can you do these speed workouts alone in whatever remote setting you find, getting off track produces some training benefits. “I think the road much better mimics race conditions because you get hills and turns,” says age-group competitor Julie Thienel of Maryland. “Plus, I feel I am less likely to get injured.” Doing speed workouts away from the oval also removes the constant reminders of pace and the pressure that brings. Instead, you can concentrate on judging your effort, which will serve you well on race day.

The Workout: VO2 Max Ladder

Joanna Zeiger, a U.S. Olympian in triathlon, 2:43 marathoner and Race Ready Coaching

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