Special Valentine’s Fondue Dinner for Kids


Having family traditions for the holidays is a great way to have your kids feel connected and loved.  Our special Valentine’s Fondue Dinner is a great tradition to connect with your kids on this fun holiday!

Valentine's Veggies- Special Dinner for Awesome Kids. A fun dinner to celebrate Valentine's day with the family!

Holiday Traditions and Involving Food

Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love to those you love, so of course we include our kids. While I’m definitely snagging some alone time with my husband, I’m also deeply in love with my kids and want to spend time with them also. My kids look forward to this tradition every year. What I didn’t realize when I first started this tradition is how successful it could be in getting my kids to try and eat different foods they normally don’t love.

So, if you want to see your kids eat double the vegetables than you expect, serve your veggies with fondue! One mom said about…

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