Sourdough Pumpkin Bread Bowls – Super Healthy Kids


These sourdough bread bowls have an amazing sourdough flavor, crusty outside and chewy inside. Their perfect texture make the BEST bread bowl for soup.

sourdough pumpkin bread bowl close up of a golden brown orange bread bowl with a pecan for a stem and basil for leaves

How to Make Sourdough Bread Bowls

If you haven’t ever made sourdough bread, first go to this post and learn how to make a basic sourdough artisan loaf. The big difference with making bread bowls is that you won’t bake these in a dutch oven. You technically can bake them in a dutch oven, it will just depend on how many you are making. You will have to bake them in batches because only 2 will fit at a time in a standard size dutch oven.

The method that I used for these will still give you a crusty outside, so never fear! So let’s get down to making these bread bowls:

Step 1: Mix your sourdough together in a bowl and follow the rest, pull and stretch, bulk rise steps….

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