Smart Snacks Under 100 Calories


Snacking is a habit we’ve been doing since we were kids, and it follows us into adulthood. We snack at those times when we feel hungry, but not hungry enough for a full meal.

But, sometimes our quick ‘snack’ becomes as calorically dense as an entire meal. We tend to forget that a snack should be proportioned as a ‘snack’ and should not become something that fills you up as much as an entire meal.

Snacking smart is a simple, yet effective change you can make right now that can assist in your weight loss goals.

By trading in the cookies, chips, and chocolate for something more macro-friendly, you can eliminate an extra 200-500 calories in your daily diet without changing anything else. Eliminating those extra few hundred calories from your diet through smart snacking can have both immediate and long term effects on your weight loss goals.

All of the following 10…

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