Secrets of 6 Pack Abs


Taut tummies and enviable six-pack abs are something that many women long to secure. But, unfortunately, the avenue to amazing abs is cluttered with training evangelism, and everyone has their own opinion, technique or idea about how to best train this often troublesome area. So, how can we find what exercises work best to tone and tighten our total tummy? To weed out the flack and uncover what really works in the elusive world of abdominal training, we turned to the reliability of scientific research.


Your abdominal area consists of four separate muscle groups. The transversus abdominis lies innermost and keeps your insides, well, inside! The internal obliques run from your pelvis diagonally up to your sternum, while the external obliques lie atop the internal guys and help you bend, twist and turn.

Outermost is the rectus abdominis, the muscle we lovingly call our…

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