Running Drills with Alysia Montaño – Women’s Running


Don’t have the option to head outside or jump on a treadmill? Some run drills in your back pocket can help you feel like the runner you are in record time.

This Stir-Crazy workout challenge is all about enjoying movement no matter what is keeping you cooped up. It’s two weeks in length, but you can expand or shrink it to fit your needs. Every workout is designed to support your running success, focusing on run-specific movements and drills, high-rep endurance exercises, and the mobility work you now know and love. These running drills are a bonus workout in this challenge, giving you something to sprinkle in whenever you need a little more movement in your day.

Running Drills Circuit

Do 12–16 reps or 30-second intervals. Fit in sets as time allows.

High Knees

Alysia Montano demonstrating high knees
Photo: Jeff Clark

Drive one knee up, and feel the lift as you hop-skip up to the ball of your foot; alternate…

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