Runners Stay Connected While Social Distancing – Women’s Running


Whether you miss the camaraderie, accountability, or racing, here are six ways to stick together with your running buddies right now.

For many of us, running is more than just logging miles and training for races. It’s about the community of people we spend time with on a regular basis, bonds that go beyond just race results and long runs. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all that. Many states and communities are under shelter-in-place restrictions to reduce the spread of the virus, forcing groups runs, speed workouts, and races to be canceled. While we can (thankfully) still lace up and head out the door to run, social distancing rules still apply—run solo and maintain at least six feet away from others (except for those in your household).

We get it—It’s hard. “It’s disappointing for all of us who have goals,” says Mona Reinhardt, 57, who runs regularly…

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