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Reverse Dieting is a relatively new concept that was made popular by the If It Fits Your Macros nutritional approach. Reverse Dieting was proposed to help individuals avoid substantial weight re-gain once they have reached their desired goal weight by slowing reintroducing calories. Wondering if Reverse Dieting is something you should give a try? Read below to find out the low down…

What is Reverse Dieting?

The concept of Reverse Dieting is based on research that suggests metabolic damage or a slow down in metabolism can result after a prolonged calorie restrictive diet and that re-introducing a greater amount of calories back into the diet can lead to substantial fat re-gain. This fat re-gain is thought to occur because the body is in ‘starvation’ mode, and instead of burning off those extra calories, it stores them in anticipation of not getting food again.

What Does…

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