Raspberry Whole Wheat Sweet Rolls


These Raspberry Whole Wheat Sweet Rolls are ooey gooey perfection and honestly taste just as good or better than sweet rolls made with only white flour!

raspberry whole wheat sweet roll on a blue plate with fresh raspberries as a garnish

How to Make the Softest Fluffiest Sweet Rolls with Whole Wheat Flour

It can be hard to get homemade whole wheat baked goods as soft and fluffy as when you use bread flour or all-purpose flour.

The reason why whole wheat baked goods end up so dense is because whole wheat flour has a lot less gluten compared to all-purpose and bread flour. Gluten is important for giving the dough structure. Without it, baked goods tend to end up flat and dense.

Tips for Using Whole Wheat In Baking:

  1. Use vital wheat gluten in your recipe. It is like a super charged flour that is mostly just gluten and will add more elasticity and better texture to your doug. Add one tablespoon of vital wheat…

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