Pumpkin Stew – Super Healthy Kids


This special pumpkin stew is a meal our kids look forward to every Fall and has become one of our favorite Fall food traditions. This meal is a delicious and fun way to serve traditional beef stew.

beef stew cooked in a pumpkin view inside without the pumpkin lid on

When you start talking to people about their family traditions, food seems to be a common theme.  It only makes sense though – what else brings family together faster than a delicious meal?  I remember my Grandma saying that if you want people to always want to come over to your house, then always have good food around.  So true, so true.  One day my husband was talking about food, or our blog, or traditions (not really quite sure what they were talking about) but his co-worker told him how every year his Grandma makes the most delicious stew that is baked in a pumpkin.  It sounded dreamy……..savory stew with creamy pumpkin in every…

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