Protein Myths Busted | FitnessRX for Women


By: Dr. Layne Norton, Ph.D

There are many myths that people cling to so strongly that they are accepted as fact— even though there may be little or no scientific evidence supporting these myths. Protein might possibly have more ill-founded myths surrounding it than any other subject, probably because it plays such a large role in any nutrition program focused on building muscle. These myths tend to bug me probably more so than most people, because my area of research was specifically in protein metabolism. There are so many myths out there it was hard to pick out just a few, but here are my Top 3!

Myth: “You can only absorb ‘X’ grams of protein in one meal.”

The real deal: Not only is this myth not rooted in any kind of fact, it is actually a misnomer in and of itself. Absorption refers to the amount of a certain substance that makes it into circulation (plasma) from the…

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