Prep Your Space for Deep Sleep


Having trouble falling asleep? Optimizing your space and developing a before-bed ritual to calm your mind and body can help. Whether you’re in need of lavender to prime your brain for sleep, tea to soothe and relax you, or epsom salts and gentle pressure to release tense muscles, these products can help. And if you’re still having trouble getting some much-needed shut-eye, try Yoga Journal’s Restore Your Sleep Summit, led by five renowned yoga teachers.

Savasana Now Eye Pillow

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1. Savasana Now – Eye Pillow

The gentle pressure created when you place this flax seed-filled eye pillow over your eyes encourages the muscles in your face to relax, while its natural lavender scent calms your mind so you can drift off easier. Wrapped in a luxurious silk cover, the pillow is very comfortable and easy to use.

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Four Sigmatic Chill Reishi Elixir

Four Sigmatic Chill Reishi Elixir

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