Postpartum Exercise: Rebuilding Core Strength – Women’s Running


Knowing when it’s okay to start running again after having a baby can seem a little murky. If you’re not talking to your doctor about the specific postpartum exercise goals you have, they may just tell you that after six weeks of recovery, you’re good to do whatever you want. But every new mother runner should be aware that after nine months of stretching and straining, your core strength is not going to be the same as it was before. 

For runners in particular, the core is essential in protecting the spine from excessive force, maintaining posture, generating force, and improving running economy. “Sprinters need core strength in order to hold proper posture and the faster they go the more core strength is needed,” says Celeste Goodson, an ACE Medical Exercise Specialist and founder of ReCORE Fitness, “but also, the longer you go, the more core strength…

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