Plyometrics Workout for Runners from Alysia Montaño – Women’s Running


Get ready to spring off the start line and sprint toward the finish line with a new level of oomph!

This Stir-Crazy workout challenge is all about enjoying movement no matter what might be keeping you cooped up. Every workout is designed to support your running success, focusing on run-specific movements and drills, high-rep endurance exercises, and mobility work. These explosive plyometrics are all about improving power and nailing your running form and mechanics.


Complete an easy 10-minute jog, trying to maintain a consistent pace (RPE 3 to 4) throughout.

At-Home Plyometrics Circuit

Do each of the following exercises for 30 seconds, “resting” for 30 seconds between exercises by performing High Knees. Rest for 1 minute in between rounds if performing them back-to-back. Complete a total of 5 rounds throughout the day.

High Knees

Alysia Montano demonstrating high knees
Photo: Jeff Clark

Drive one knee up,…

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