Pauline Nordin’s Metabolic Booster Workout


Want to get lean & sculpted with minimal time invested? Or, are you just looking to amp up your intensity before the summer strip down? Then you are going to love Pauline Nordin’s Metabolic Booster Workout! This high intensity resistance training program will tax your whole body in minimal time.

The workout is composed of mostly compound movements, which hit several muscle groups simultaneously and results in a high calorie expenditure. This workout focuses on exercises that are real game changers for a fit body, explains Pauline. The rest intervals between sets are short challenging your strength and endurance. “When you use shorter rest time, you’ll be able to use lighter weights, which can lower the risk of injury—However, the weights will still feel heavy!,” says Pauline.

A Few Tips

– It is critical to manage the rest intervals. Use your watch, your phone or an…

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