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We all know how important exercise and good nutrition are to our fitness goals, but both are also a critical component of our beauty regimen. Not only does the food we eat help keep our skin gorgeous, it also helps us to grow healthy, stunning hair.

Nutrition For Beautiful Hair - Eat to grow lovely locks“Exercise increases the blood supply to your muscles as well as your hair, which stimulates growth,” says Jim White, R.D., a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. “And, the food we eat for muscle also promote hair health.”

Nutrition For Beautiful Hair - Eat to grow lovely locksSo, as the adage says, beauty truly starts on the inside. So today, I would like to share a few nutrition tips to help you grow healthy, shiny locks that you love:

PROTEIN. This macronutrient has the power to build and restore, both of which are important for healthy hair. Make sure to consume good quality of proteins like lean meats, fish, low fat cheese, eggs, etc.

IRON. Sufficient iron is…

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